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Welcome to APX

APX will require some steps to set up, but after then, you only have to deal with your event configs and cli client. Read the disclaimer.

APX is a toolkit to manage rFactor 2 servers. Imagine it as a wrapper around the rFactor 2 server, doing all the work for the league admin.

The toolkit allows running reproducible builds, e.g. in case you want to add a skin to a server. The building/ updating is done via a single command, so you can grab a coffee instead of having to click throught multiple tools on the server. With having reproducible builds, it eradicates the factor of human-made mistakes between server update runs.

In conclusion, APX targets are following

  • Automate as much element of server maintenance
  • Automate the complete livery creation process
  • Allow auto-addition of car numbers on liveries
  • Add an high level HTTP API to the server
  • Control everything of a server deployment(from Event signup to Firewall settings)
  • Take a look on the Feature matrix or the Tutorials
  • Releases are listed within the releases article

APX uses an central event configuration file and offers plenty of commands to work from, you can control multiple servers at once using a shared servers.json configuration file. Please read the best practises article when using APX.

If you want to find out more how APX works, take a look into the architecture article. You can find a setup_screenshots article how to install APX to your server.

If you have questions, see the What is APX? And what not? and contact article. Check how you can support the project.

APX will be licensed as an open source project. See licenses for more details.

APX is not related to S397.

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