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Best practises

  1. Use a strong secret and and not the standard port on the reciever
  2. Prefix your mod pack with something, people can then just delete everything with *yourprefix* in case of issues
  3. Control your event configuration before deploying
  4. Avoid whitespaces in –args, encapsulate multi-part strings with “”, e. g. “Günther Hubspecht” instead of Günther Hubspecht
  5. Make your server as closed as possible, in the best case close any port except the rFactor require ports and the reciever port
  6. Use SSD's, not HDD servers
  7. Use no virtual machines unless you control the hypervisor
  8. Disable replays
  9. Consider running the reciever with an unprivileged user with minimal permissions

Security considerations

  1. You should consider running the reciever using an unprivileged user with suitable directory permissions
  2. Keep the reciever as often updated as possible
  3. Apply your server udpates frequently.
  4. Keep your firewall as closed as possible
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