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This command builds an intermediate skin pack to be uploaded on the server. The command utilizes the directory structure configured in the servers.json file.

Following paths must be set in the servers.json entry:

  • build_path: This file contains subdirectories named by the vehicle components, e. g. “Corvette_C7R_GTE_2017” or “Oreca_07_LMP2_2017”
  • out_path: temporary files only
  • packs_path: For each component, a *.tar.gz file will be created and uploaded to the target server's build directory.
  • templates_path: The path where the template VEH files are stored

After packaging the *.tar.gz archives, the file will be uploaded to the server and pasted in the build directory.

For a complete tutorial see this article: https://wiki.apx.chmr.eu/doku.php?id=example_event_bmw_m8_gte_custom_liveries_autopolis




apx.py --server servername --cmd build_skins --args <pathtoyourconfig>


Introduced in version 1.0.0

build_skins will only do something if you configure and update to be build. See event configuration for more details. The command will look for files following the <shortname>_<entrynumber> file name format.

Inroduced with R80

The comman diwll not alter filenames anymore. The names must have suitable names.

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