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Deploys the server with a given JSON and RFM file. The server will be updated and cleared from artefacts (such as replays).


  1. Removal of all mods in Manifests/ Installed/ Packages/ and log files
  2. Restoring of default installed mods and Manifests
  3. rFactor 2 server updated using steamcmd
  4. Installation of vehicle mods, building of rfcmps (using the results of build_skins)
  5. Installation of trackmod
  6. Building of rfmod


  • JSON event configuration
  • RFM file


apx.py --server servername --cmd deploy --args configs/foo.json configs/default.rfm


Introduced in version 1.0.0.

If you plan to deploy custom skins, run the build_skins command first. Otherwise, this command will fail.

If the reciever reports the message “requires unknown base mod to be installed”, consider to check the server keys, as they may invalidate after some time.

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