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Event configuration

The event configuration is an arbitary named JSON file containing five sections:

  • server: Server settings, Player.JSON and Multiplayer.JSON overwrites
  • session: Session settings
  • cars: Car configuration
  • track: Track configuration
  • mod: Mod name

I prepared an sample configuration: https://wiki.apx.chmr.eu/doku.php?id=example_event_civic_2013_botniaring

You want to use custom liveries? See tutorial article here: https://wiki.apx.chmr.eu/doku.php?id=example_event_bmw_m8_gte_custom_liveries_autopolis


Section server

Value Description
password Deprecated
adminPassword Deprecated
upstream Deprecated
downstream Deprecated
overwrites Contains the dictionary of Player.json and Multiplayer.json to overwrite. If no value is set, the default files will b e used

If you are running multiple servers on a single host, consider ALWAYS to overwite the value “WebUI port” to a defined value, otherwise APX will pick up the status of the first server with the default port.

Section session

This section will be deprecated on release as you can set these values using the overwrites property.

Section cars

The cars section is a key value of the vehicles to choose from.

"cars": {
  "workshopId": {
    "entries": [
    "component": {
       "version": "versionNumber",
       "name": "componentName",
       "update": "false",
       "short": "agivenshortname"
       "numberplates": [
            "x": 0,
            "y": 0,
            "file": "C:\\apx\\img\\stamps_aston.png",
            "width": 4096,
            "height": 4096,
            "rotate": 0,
            "region": "C:\\apx\\img\\stamps_aston_region.png"

You can idenitfy your version number and component name from the Installed/Vehicles folder of your rFactor 2 installation. To choose what version to choose from, consider checking the official manual, Part 3: Packing the 'update rfcmp', Step 2.

Add entries in any case, if you are using the stock rfcmp files, add the default entries aswell, otherwise, the vehicle selection will feature no list entries. APX only supports integer entry numbers. Constructs like “10b” are not allowed. Follow the scheme Team Name #number

component properties

  • The property short is used while building the skins using build_skins. The short name is basically a prefix for the livery files. Inside of your build_path of the servers.json, APX will look for <shortname>_<entrynumber>.[dds,json…]
  • Vehicle entries with update equals false will not be included during skin building
  • If numberplates is an empty array ([]), nothing will be added
  • If a numberplate entry has a property text, with content number, the entry number will be printed on the skin
  • The version is either an version or “latest”/ “latest-even”. Latest picks the overall latest version, latest-even the version with the even Minor version. Patch versions, suffixes are ignored. If the mod does not follow a semantic versioning scheme (Major.Minor.Patch), this may not work.

Section track

This section is similar to the vehicle section. Only update equals false is supported.

Section mod

Value Description
name Name
version Version of the mod
rfm Deprecated, as the deploy command requires an rfm parameter.

Section conditions

This section controls grip configuration. Please note that the progression factor is controlled within the player.JSON file. If you don't want to use that at all, set the conditions block to null.

Weather is currently not supported.

Important: Usage of the weather settings will require that the server is in weather mode “scripted”, otherwise it will default to a sunny day.

You can change this by using following overwrites for the Player.JSON:

"Race Conditions": {
          "MULTI Weather": 5,
          "GPRIX Weather": 5

“5” is hereby the value for “scripted”. The real road session name may be one of following:

  • TD
  • P1
  • P2
  • P3
  • P4
  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3
  • Q4
  • WU
  • R1
  • R2
  • R3
  • R4

An example (will aply AutoSave.rrbin for the first practice session).

  "conditions": {
      "P1": "configs/weather/AutoSave.rrbin"

Section branch

The branch is the branch on steam, either public or release-candidate.


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