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Example Event: BMW M8 with custom liveries @ Autopolis


Before we start I might give you a warning. This process requires some basic knowledge about rFactor 2 package management and requires high attention as error management is a bit complicated here.

Also, this article follows the principle that your server and the CLI are running on different machines with the CLI using side having a collection folder for the liveries.

APX will require the item steam ID's. If you have the item URL, it's the number after “id=” (so e. g. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1559152337&searchtext=botniar)

  • BMW M8 GTE: 1411402133
  • Autopolis: 1559152337

You have to do this configuration once. If updates are released, just run the last command again.

Identifying content

This steps are equal to the steps from the default livery tutorial: https://wiki.apx.chmr.eu/doku.php?id=example_event_civic_2013_botniaring

If you plan to just include your own entries and not the stock one, you might not need this as we describe the needed components in this article.

Creating the event JSON file

As we now collected all required informations, we can create the event json file. You can drop this file everywhere on your computer, you just need to remember it's path.


  • Make sure you version and name the mod properly. If a mod was updated, but neither version or name changed, it causes an mod install error/ clients are stuck in the loading screen
  • Set the “WebUI port” to an open port per server. It will be used for per-user status checking
  • Even for workshop mods, always name vehicle entries (at least one!)
  "server": {
    "overwrites": {
      "Multiplayer.JSON": {
        "Multiplayer Server Options": {
          "Pause While Zero Players": false,
          "Join Password": "",
          "Admin Password": "myPassword",
          "Default Game Name": "APX BTCC",
          "Enforce Real Name": true,
          "Practice 1 Time": 180,
          "Qualifying Time": 30,
          "Max MP Players": 25,
          "Maximum AI": 25,
          "Race Rejoin": 3
        "Multiplayer General Options": {
          "Download Custom Skins": false,
          "Net Connection Type": 6,
          "Downstream Rated KBPS": 25000,
          "Upstream Rated KBPS": 25000
      "Player.JSON": {
        "Game Options": {
          "MULTI Race Finish Criteria": 2,
          "MULTI Race Time": 60,
          "MULTI Damage Multiplier": 50,
          "Record Replays": 0
        "Miscellaneous": {
          "WebUI port": 5398
  "session": {},
  "options": {},
  "cars": {
    "1411402133": {
      "entries": [
        "BMW M8 GTE #00:1",
        "BMW M8 GTE #3:1",
        "BMW M8 GTE #9:2",
        "BMW M8 GTE #26:2",
        "BMW M8 GTE #44:2",
        "BMW M8 GTE #54:3",
        "BMW M8 GTE #75:3"
      "component": {
        "version": "latest",
        "name": "BMW_M8_GTE_2018",
        "update": true,
        "short": "BMW",
        "numberplates": []
  "track": {
    "1559152337": {
      "layout": "Autopolis International",
      "component": {
        "version": "latest",
        "name": "Autopolis",
        "update": false
  "start_type": 0,
  "comp": "pre-beta",
  "plugins": {},
  "branch": "public",
  "mod": {
    "name": "apx_bmw_gte_autopolis",
    "version": "1.0",
    "rfm": "default.rfm"
  "update_on_build": true,
  "callback_target": "http://localhost:8000/addmessage/cffhddcfgahchafbhifg",
  "welcome_message": null,
  "suffix": null

Note following on the JSON file: The “Short name” of the vehicle entry component must be set to a defined name you know. Also, “update” should be set to true.

In this example, we will just include our custom cars.

Adding liveries

As you might remember, you set three paths inside your CLI configuration (https://wiki.apx.chmr.eu/doku.php?id=servers.json).

The folder is basically a collection of raw contents for liveries, grouped per component (here a component is roughly equal to a vehicle):

As you can see, the folder contains a large range of files, such as:

  • Livery files
  • Region files
  • Material system files
  • Thumbnails
  • Extra-Parts (e. g. WINDOW)
  • Vehicle upgrades

The folder BMW_M8_GTE_2018 looks as following:

How you fill this folder is on your hand. APX just need that the contents of the folder will be stored in the configured “build_path” of your servers.json. And make sure you use sub directories as component names, as shown in the screenshot.

Avoiding pitfalls

  • File should always begin with the <ShortName>_<VehicleNumber>.
  • Make sure you don't mix different vehicle files inside on folder
  • Double check if the component names are correct. They are used here:
    • configs/templates/<ComponentName>.veh (template)
    • yourrawfolder/<ComponentName>/ (where the liveries are stored)
    • in the component section of the event configuration

Creating liveries

Inside your CLI directory, you might have seen the folder templates inside the configs directory. You will need a template per vehicle/ component you are using. You can follow the official guide (https://docs.studio-397.com/users-guide/custom-liveries-how-to-make-an-update-rfcmp-for-league-use#CustomLiveries:HowtoMakeanUpdate'rfcmp'forLeagueUse.-Part1:SettinguptheVEHfiles , step 4 of “Setting up the VEH files”) for that.

Make sure you add placeholders in the VEH file

Make following replacements in the file:

  1. DefaultLivery=“YOURSHORTNAME_{number}.dds” (YOURSHORTNAME = shortname from the event configuration)
  2. Number={number}
  3. Description=“{description}”
  4. FullTeamName=“{description}”

Of yourse you can edit other values based on your needs.

A template may look like this then after it's being stored in configs/templates/<ComponentName>.veh:

Extra0="window"      // Windows
Extra1="BAN"      // Banner
Extra2="WD"      // front window decal
Extra5="RWIN"      // rear trunk window
Extra7="SW"    // steering wheel
Extra8="DH"    // Driver arms
Extra9="DH"    // Driver arms

GenString=                       // Used to generate GMT names in *.gen file
Sounds=M8_GTE_2018_sounds.sfx                   // Sounds=default.sfx
Cameras=M8_GTE_2018.cam              // Defaults to default.cfg in UserData directory
HeadPhysics=GTE_HEADPHYSICS.ini      // Affects driver eyepoint only

//////////////////////////TEAM HISTORY AND INFORMATION///////////////////////////////

Team="VSRA Guest Car"
Engine="4.0l V8"
Manufacturer="BMW Motorsport"


Category="BMW, GTE, BMW M8 GTE"

Upload liveries

The liveries will require one additional command:

python .\apx.py --server local --cmd build_skins --args .\configs\sample-gte-bmw-m8-autopolis-liveries.json

This command will generate all veh files, pack them and upload them onto the server.

If the command is not executed, but the event configuration requires an update (in the component section), the command deploy will fail.


python apx.py --server <yourserver> --cmd deploy --args <path_to_the_btcc-botniaring_config> configs/rfm/default.rfm

<servername> is hereby one of the configurated server names from your servers.json. The server will always be updated to the most recent version. APX will embed the new liveries automatically.

In conclusion:

You will have to follow this guide once. After that, just use the build_skins and deploy commands to update the liveries and the server itself. No file editing, no file copying. Just the two commands.

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