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Example Event: Honda Civic BTCC 2013 @ Botniaring

APX will require the item steam ID's. If you have the item URL, it's the number after “id=” (so e. g. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1553094081&searchtext=botniar)

  • Honda Civic BTCC 2013: 922034382
  • Botniaring: 1553094081

You have to do this configuration once. If updates are released, just run the last command again.

Identifying content

Subscribe these items on your local computer and start up rFactor 2 as we need some informations:

  • Vehicle cars
  • Component versions
  • Component names
  • Layout of the choosed track

Getting component names and versions

In the launcher package list, identify your content. We will need the name (which is often something like <Name>_<Year>) and a version (or you can just use “latest” as a version). Do this for all the used content:

and the car:

You can find these informations als from the folder structure when looking into /Installed/Vehicles and /Installed/Locations

Getting content infos

Next, startup rFactor 2. We will have now to identify the contents of your selected mods.

  1. For a track, note the desired layout name, here e. g. “Botniaring Short”.
  2. For a car: Note down at least one available vehicle, e. g. “Honda Civic NGTC #1” (Remember: non-numeric values in car numbers are not allowed -even although they may be existing)

Creating the event JSON file

As we now collected all required informations, we can create the event json file. You can drop this file everywhere on your computer, you just need to remember it's path.


  • Make sure you version and name the mod properly. If a mod was updated, but neither version or name changed, it causes an mod install error/ clients are stuck in the loading screen
  • Set the “WebUI port” to an open port per server. It will be used for per-user status checking
  • Even for workshop mods, always name vehicle entries (at least one!)
  "server": {
    "overwrites": {
      "Multiplayer.JSON": {
        "Multiplayer Server Options": {
          "Pause While Zero Players": false,
          "Join Password": "",
          "Admin Password": "myPassword",
          "Default Game Name": "APX BTCC",
          "Enforce Real Name": true,
          "Practice 1 Time": 180,
          "Qualifying Time": 30,
          "Max MP Players": 25,
          "Maximum AI": 25,
          "Race Rejoin": 3
        "Multiplayer General Options": {
          "Download Custom Skins": false,
          "Net Connection Type": 6,
          "Downstream Rated KBPS": 25000,
          "Upstream Rated KBPS": 25000
      "Player.JSON": {
        "Game Options": {
          "MULTI Race Finish Criteria": 2,
          "MULTI Race Time": 60,
          "MULTI Damage Multiplier": 50,
          "Record Replays": 0
        "Miscellaneous": {
          "WebUI port": 5398
  "session": {},
  "options": {},
  "cars": {
    "922034382": {
      "entries": [
        "Honda Civic NGTC #1:1"
      "component": {
        "version": "latest",
        "name": "HondaCivicBTCC_2013",
        "update": false,
        "short": "honda",
        "numberplates": []
  "track": {
    "1553094081": {
      "layout": "Botniaring Short",
      "component": {
        "version": "latest",
        "name": "Botniaring_2017",
        "update": false
  "start_type": 0,
  "comp": "pre-beta",
  "branch": "public",
  "plugins": {},
  "mod": {
    "name": "apx_btcc",
    "version": "1.0"
  "update_on_build": true,
  "callback_target": "http://localhost:8000/addmessage/cffhddcfgahchafbhifg",
  "welcome_message": null,
  "suffix": null,
  "collect_results_replays": false


python apx.py --server <yourserver> --cmd deploy --args <path_to_the_btcc-botniaring_config> configs/rfm/default.rfm

<servername> is hereby one of the configurated server names from your servers.json. The server will always be updated to the most recent version.

Happy racing :) .

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