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Feature matrix

Feature matrix for CLI and Wizard application. Both components are supported and target is a 100% support for all use cases for both components. An absence of a feature does not mean it will be not implemented at a later point.

Feature CLI Wizard
Custom liveries as RFCMP updates
Lifecycle management (start, stop, update)
Adding numberplates
Grip ✅ (experimental)
Multiple tracks per event
Plugin injection into server
Filename rename and grouping (keeps file structure correct)
Filename duplicate prevention
persistent Edit history
persistent chat history
Update content on deploy
Update server on deploy
Set server update branch
Configurable deploy workflow
Non workshop item support
Custom player.json and multiplayer.json
Profile name change support
Different liveries for different rfcmp versions ❌*4
Session switching ✅*1 ✅*1
Kicking ✅*1 ✅*1
Client ping in status ❌*2 ❌*2
RFCMP livery packs download throught reciever ❌*3 ❌*3
Keys download & upload


*1 it's implemented, but relies on pywinauto. It's topic for further changes.

*2 the server endpoint does not expose this (yet).

*3 not really targeted for implementation. Will be added if needed for another feature

*4 the wizard currently groups the files per component, but not per version

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