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Forced updates vs regular updates

You have two ways from the wizard to update content

  1. Update config and redeploy
  2. Update config and redeploy, force content re-installation

Following table should describe the difference.

Update config and redeployUpdate the server settings (player, multiplayer.json, grip, sessions, content, liveries) ONLY if the mod contents (source rfcmp files AND/ OR uploaded liveries) changed
Update config and redeploy, force content re-installationUpdating anything independend of any existing and installed content

If you are doing an by hand update or you are working on the mod pack itself, choose the second option to make sure everything is cleaned and reinstalled properly. If you just want to keep your existing configuration up-to-date (e. g. from a schedule), you choose the first option. The content will only be updated if something with the origin mods has changed, saving resources and downtime.

If you are going for the first option and the mentioned content did not change, the deployment will fail with an error message describing the situation.

Technical details

  • Files inside the steam child folder steamapps\workshop\content\365960\<steamid> are monitored (both mod and base mod will be monitored)
  • File based mods schould be monitored aswell, while base mods cannot be a file based item
  • event structure (sessions, names, options) will be ignored in the monitoring
  • Livery files as uploaded in the wizard will be monitored aswell (veh files will be ignored)
  • APX will always attempt to do a steamcmd update for the content. If the content is up to date, there won't be a download. This cannot be avoided.
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