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Release 74, 29th August 2021

Release 74 focused on usability in common usage scenarios and bug fixes.

Also, I fixed some issues within the common components.

Download: https://github.com/apx-simracing/wizard/releases/tag/R74

  • Fixed the layout list for Zandvoort_2017: Only available layout is now Zandvoort GP (was accidentally Zandvoort 2020 GP Layout)
  • If you are running an existing wizard version, you need to correct the track with the name “Zandvoort 2020 GP Layout@Zandvoort_2017” accordingly
  • Newly installed instances will apply these change on installation
  • Fixed an issue causing instances not to be updatable to R73
  • Fixed an issue when using alphanumeric numbers instead of numeric numbers
  • Added an experimental feature to the event to include stock skins from the component the update is build onto
  • Add option to write texts into the server based on a schedule
  • Add option to only apply a schedule if server is in practice mode
  • The Dallara DW12 2014 is now included in the common component list
  • Fixed an issue causing /signature endpoint to return a internal server error
  • Added filelist to /signature
  • /signature will now return the files if a mod is installed with VERSION_SUFFIX
  • add /download to get a tar.gz file of the modpack to use as a tar.gz file
  • when the server is started, it will generate a tar.gz file with own liveries and track additions which are required for the client to use. The file will be always overwritten
  • When looking for GDB infos for Grip and Weather injection, the deployment will now also look on the properties EventName and VenueName to identify the track
  • The grip needle can now be regex
  • Add validation in case the up * and downstreamsettings are equal to 0 kbit/s
  • Added a redirect to /admin if no proper URL's are given
  • Update descriptive text on the event
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