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Release 75, 31st August 2021

Release 75 focused on usability and additing session settings

Download: https://github.com/apx-simracing/wizard/releases/tag/R75

  • Added support to add the same vehicle component multiple times (e. g. needed if all cars from the BTCC bundle or the V8 Supercars)
  • Add allowed cuts to event configuration
  • Added qualyfing session (for private qualy) to the event configuration
  • Added blue flag behaviour options
  • Add option to pause the event while zero players
  • Add option to control pit speed override
  • Add option to control if a car must be stopped before returning to the monitor
  • Add option to control qualy join mode
  • Add option to control after race delay
  • Add option to control delay between sessions
  • Add option to control collision fade threshold
  • Reordered fields in the event screen to make more sense
  • Add validation if the admin password is not set
  • Add sorting for the fields entries, tracks, signup components to the event screen
  • Update ordering on entries
  • Replaced list fields for entries, signup components with checkboxes
  • Add action to copy events
  • Add option to control reconaissance laps
  • Add option to control parc ferme including free settings
  • Fixed an issue causing the start options not to work
  • Added option to control auto download
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