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Release 79, 25th september 2021

Release 79 focused on simplifing the initial setup aswell as the usage of non-expierienced users.

A significant change is the option to avoid adding own VEH templates, allowing the wizard to be used for users without any knowledge about rFactor 2.

Add the settings to your settings.py file if you are updating:

See https://wiki.apx.chmr.eu/doku.php?id=setup_wizard for values




Download: https://github.com/apx-simracing/wizard/releases/tag/R79

  • Add field to control if a car needs to be stopped before pressing ESC in the event config
  • Add missing migration file from R78
  • Fixed an issue causing timed Q sessions with 0 laps to be limited to 0 laps (now it will be set to 255)
  • Added a validation on race sessions
  • Added field race finish criteria to sessions
  • If race finish criteria is set, the value will be overwriting an derived value from length/laps of the R session
  • Add context menu option to start or stop all selected servers from the server list
  • The user does not need to provide an rFm file anymore. If no file is given, a default file will be used
  • Updated help text on the rFm field
  • Fixed an issue causing the option “Remove unused workshop items” not to be visible on APX created servers
  • The wizard will now be running in an “EASY_MODE” per default. This means the fields and settings not required to run events on official content or on content listed on https://wiki.apx.chmr.eu/doku.php?id=common_components will be hidden to make the usage of the Wizard more easy. Advanced users can simply switch to the “normal” mode by settings EASY_MODE in settings.py to False.
  • Renamed field signup components to cars in the event screen
  • If the wizard is in the easy mode, hide the button to create a server manually by hand
  • Fixed an issue if the rfcmp file contains whitespaces, which was causing ModMgr installations to fail
  • Fixed an issue where the layout gdb file could not be found as the mas file contained whitespaces
  • Add help text for component names
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to overwrite empty VEH properties
  • Added field base class to entries
  • Added server side VEH creation. You don't need to provide veh templates anymore unless you need to define properties there
  • On initial setup, you know see asterisks when typing a password
  • Introduce setting ADD_PREFIX to control server name prefix (addition of [APX] on all server names)
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