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The wizard

The wizard is a Django 3 based web application which offers an additional layer for less-cli-familiar users. It utilizes the CLI in the background, but adds an web interface on it.

You can grab the prebuild release on https://github.com/apx-simracing/wizard/releases


Set your configuration inside wizard/settings.py

Value Description
SECRET_KEY Set it to a random text, will be used for encryption purposes
DEBUG Enable only if needed
STATIC_URL, MEDIA_URL and MEDIA_ROOT See https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/3.1/ref/settings/
APX_ROOT The root directory, wher the CLI is located, if you are using the packaged version, just name the absolute path of the cli folder inside the downloaded folder
PACKS_ROOT A directory where to store livery upload packs (tar.gz files), should be empty)
USER_SIGNUP_ENABLED Enable user signup on /signup
USER_SIGNUP_RULE_TEXT a text or HTML markup on rules to follow as a user on this instance
INSTANCE_NAME The name of the instance, will be displayed at signup for users
ENTRY_SIGNUP_ENABLED Enable or disable entry signup and livery submission
DISCORD_WEBHOOK Discord Web hook URL. Leave to None to disable
DISCORD_WEBHOOK_NAME Name of the web hook. Leave to None to disable
DISCORD_RACE_CONTROL_WEBHOOK Discord Web hook URL to make penalty decisions public. Leave to None to disable
DISCORD_RACE_CONTROL_WEBHOOK_NAME Name of the web hook. Leave to None to disable
FAILURE_THRESHOLD Amount of failed attempts until a server will be ignored
PUBLIC_URL Set the public URL of the wizard instance to request data to. Used for base hooks. Is a full URL ending with a “/”. Defaults to None
OPENWEATHERAPI_KEY Key for OpenWeatherAPI. defaults to None
WIZARD_PORT The port the wizard should be running on
LISTEN_IP The IP the server should listen on
MEDIA_PORT The port the media webserver should use
STATIC_PORT The port the static webserver should use
MAX_SERVERS The maximum amount of servers a instance can handle. If set to None there is no limit
MAX_STEAMCMD_BANDWITH Enforce a summarized limit the steamcmd instances can use. If None there is no limit enfored (please note: If a server has a bandwidth limit set, it will be used anyways)
MAX_UPSTREAM_BANDWIDTH The maximum upstream bandwidth all servers are allowed to use (kbit/s). If None there is no limit
MAX_DOWNSTREAM_BANDWIDTH The maximum downstream bandwidth all servers are allowed to use (kbit/s). If None there is no limit
WEBUI_PORT_RANGEThe range of ports allowed for WEB UI port allocation
HTTP_PORT_RANGEThe range of ports allowed for HTTP server port allocation
SIM_PORT_RANGEThe range of ports allowed for Simulation port allocation
MSG_LOGO An URL to an image to be used in the web hooks
USE_GLOBAL_STEAMCMD Allows the wizard to use a single steamcmd copy instead of one copy per server. :!: Attention :!: This option cannot be used together with Remove unused workshop items to prevent servers deleting the content needed by another server. Take caution when runnin multiple installations/ updates at once. See https://wiki.apx.chmr.eu/doku.php?id=global_steamcmd for details.
EASY_MODE If set to True, APX will hide all settings not required by new users
ADD_PREFIX Decides if [APX] will be added on all server names
SPEEDTEST_ALLOWED Decides if speedtests will be done once
NON_WORKSHOP_PAYLOAD_TEXT The text to display in the discord messages if the item is not from steam. Please not this message is for all these items, so consider linking a info page or something generic to it

If you running in non-debug mode, you have to serve the static files (e. g. CSS of the admin panel) with a secondary webserver. For this, MEDIA_URL and STATIC_URL need to be set to different values. Ohterwise, the admin interface will look broken

If you are going to use the wizard in a local environment only, you can also set DEBUG to true, which also includes an build-in webserver.

In general, the wizard can be configured as every other Django app, so the general Django 3 tutorials apply here (e. g. for settings ports).

Per default, the wizard runs in DEBUG=True while being in pre-release state. I do not recommend it from being accessible from the internet. FFS, don't run it in DEBUG mode if you are accessible from the web. See https://wiki.apx.chmr.eu/doku.php?id=security_considerations for details.

As the wizard uses sqlite3 per default, consider switching to an transactional database such as MySQL before allowing signups from the internet. Otherwise the users may run into “database locked” errors.

Add keys

You can place a keypair (ServerUnlock.bin) in the folder uploads/keys/. If present, new servers (created by APX) will recieve this keys on their first installation.

Start (local environment)

# Switch into the directory
# run wizard.bat (it will install dependencies)
# You can now access the wizard on localhost:8000/admin

When using the wizard in the regular work mode, you only need to run the wizard.bat file

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