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Deployments not continuing

Steam downloads are not done, apparently the component folders do not exist

If the component folder cannot be found and a previous steam command returned not 0, this indicates that the steam download failed.

steamcmd does not handle large (> 1GB) workshop items well. They tend to abort after some time.

I am using the vehicles from the mod, but the mod does not build

You see such an message as the last message in the logfile, no subsequent lines visible

Aug 03 12:03:56 reciever.py:366 INFO [32612]: We did not manage to extract any vehicle definitions. 
Check the used version.

Use a different version!

I added a key, but the deployment stops and has a message "requires unknown mod to be installed" or the logfile ends with "Please add a keyfile to use paid content."

Under some circumstances, the key get's invalidated. This is an ongoing issue and is being montiored. Until a fix is available, follow following steps.

To make sure the key get's updated, select “clear” from the server key field.

Save the server, without a pending action.

Open the server again and refresh until the server key is present again. Click on the link to download the key file and follow the instructions on https://forum.studio-397.com/index.php?threads/how-to-hosting-with-steamcmd-and-paid-content.57209/.

Upload the unlock file to the “Server unlock key” field. APX will collect the key. If the unlock is successfull, the field will be cleared.

If this fails, repeat the steps, but on the step clearing the server key select the action “start”.

I allowed a certain amount of slots, but the server slot amount is ridiculously low (e. g. 3 slots)

Check the bandwith settings of the event.

An APX-created complains about a missing key

  1. Deselect any action and event and save
  2. Refresh the page to see if a key gets added at the bottom (it may take some moments)
  3. If not, delete the server and create a new one

An APX-created server fails all deployments with missing "player.JSON"

This issue often comes with a missing key.

Background: The initial setup downloads the reciever from GitHub and the server froms steam. Both download can fail at some points. If downloads are working, the server will start for a brief moment to create all the folders and files within UserData/. After that the server is being killed. It can happen that the server does not start in time, causing the server to be installed without having a UserData folder. On deployment, when APX tries to utilize that file to add the wanted values, it will fail.

This can have following issues:

  • The steam download of the server failed
  • The initial startup to create the server UserData folder failed

You have following options:

  • Delete the server and create a new one
  • Verify if the folder server_children/<randomid>/reciever and server_children/<randomid>/server are not existing and not empty
    • If both folders are present: Start the server (it will obviously fail as no content is installed, but it might create the wanted UserData folder)
    • If not: Delete the server and start the setup again

Known issues

Install of server stuck at "downloading reciever release"

If your installation is stuck at this step, this means the download failed. Check your network connection and if your installed version is still supported.

Install of server stuck at "doing reciever bootstrap"

Something went wrong while creating the folders, downloading the server of steamcmd. Consider trying the steps from this guide.

Grip is not used

If the grip is not used and you see following message in the log file, check the definition of thet rack within the component. There might be a track layout required wich is not included within the component.

No properties could be extracted from the track. Make sure you are using a correct layout description for this component.

If not, you may be affected by this issue, which is an ongoing task https://github.com/apx-simracing/issues/issues/45

I use the mod included vehicles, but no ones are listed

Check for following message within your logfile of the server:

Aug 22 10:44:06 steam.py:121 INFO [439660]: Found 0 files as vehicle definition in C:\Users\chm\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpv88hde1l
  • Check if the Component name is correct. If not correct it and start the deployment again
  • If all available mas files of this mod are encrypted, no vehicles will be able to be included by APX. In this case, add a dummy entry

The installation of a steam workshop item takes long time and then the status changed to "xy returned non-zero exit status 1"

Check your logfile for following messages:

Aug 28 18:14:47 steam.py:163 INFO [109616]: Found 0 files in C:\Users\chm\Documents\rfactor-server\steamcmd\steamapps\workshop\content\365960\1453463528
Aug 28 18:14:53 reciever.py:366 INFO [109616]: [WinError 3] Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden: 'C:\\Users\\chm\\Documents\\rfactor-server\\server\\Installed\\Vehicles\\Radical_SR3-RSX_2017'

This can have several issues:

  • The workshop item is empty
  • You do not own the item
  • The download aborted

I see all layouts within the server, but I only need one

You will see such a message in your logfile:

Sep 24 19:49:13 deploy.py:859 INFO [160976]: We don't found the desired layout in the gdb layout list. Falling back to old method. Desired layout name is Blackwood GP, track list is ['Blackwood GP (classic) // shows up in rFactor2 as the subfolder.', 'Blackwood GP [reverse] (classic) // shows up in rFactor2 as the subfolder.', 'Blackwood GP // shows up in rFactor2 as the subfolder.']

Check that the desired layout matches the Key “EventName” from the GDB file.

This _should_ be the name of the layout displayed in the game. This must match EXACTLY.

This is a bug https://github.com/apx-simracing/issues/issues/48 as the server overwrites the ini file controlling the track filter

My custom skins are based on the wrong car

You might see following message in the log file:

We will choose the first VEH file as a template: xy

You need to specifiy a suitable class in the entry page. The field name is “base class”. Otherwise the first VEH file from the mod will be used.

If everything is working, you will see this message:

We will choose the VEH file as a template: XYZ.veh as it suits the BaseClass string  "example": example class

Environment with global python

If you have a global Python installed and you see APX commands to fail, use following workaround:

Add the full path to the “cli” to the file python39._pth:

import site
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