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What is APX? And what not?

APX tries to make the rFactor 2 server usable for anyone without the requirement for technical knowledge. You don't have to deal with steamcmd, files etc. APX will take care of that.

To archieve this, APX offers following settings to be edited within the web app (the “wizard”):

  • Servers - The server instances itself
  • Events - An combination of track sessions, cars and tracks to be used within servers
  • Sessions - A definition for a practice/warmup/qualy/race session
  • Ticker messages - Used for livetiming purposes
  • Components - A technical term for the “container” offering tracks and cars in rFactor 2
  • Track - The definition of an layout
  • Entries - An entry is e. g. a team, with a number which is using a car, which is based out of a component
  • Track files & entry files: Files either attached to to an track or an entry
  • Messages - Messages to write on a server
  • Plugins - Plugins to insert into a server

Core concept

APX has limitations, but follows a set of core concepts:

  • Everything is temporary. Server instances and their contents can be replaced at any point
  • Updates are build on the fly, required files are either sourced from the track or entry files
  • The user does not interact with the rFactor 2 instance directly
  • Anything required will managed from the web UI


Skins are build the same way all time:

  1. The files belonging to the wanted paritipants will be collected and uploaded to the server (you don't need to deal with filenames, APX will take care of that
  2. The mod will be installed
  3. The livery files will be included in a MAS container and a new update rfcmp will be build
  4. The rfcmp will be installed

APX might not support all constellations required to be used within an event. This is not the goal of the project, so it will always attempt a latest install for the components.

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